Jan 24, 2014 – Renovation Continues, In Spite of the cold temperatures

With the temperatures dipping below zero at night and being in the single digits during the day, it has held up the masonry work on the stone fireplace and wall.  Because we have a schedule to meet, we switched gears and started running the electrical wiring.  It should be completed by Monday.   Construction progress will be slow until we get a virtual heat wave of at least 20 degrees.  If this cold snap continues it could delay the installation of insulation and drywall another week.  It’s hard to operate hand tools when your fingers are on the verge of frostbite.  Yes we could heat the barn, but that’s like heating the outdoors, so it not very economical.   Next week’s forecast doesn’t look much more promising…Stay tuned as we chisel our way through these icy days.

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