January 16, 2015 Barn Renovation Progress

The barn renovation is moving along nicely.  The stone for the fireplace and wall has arrived, the color looked very dark compared to the sample panel so we contacted the supplier.  He said it hadn’t fully cured and would change to a lighter color when it dried out.  We put a few pieces in front of the heater and it is looking much better, but still not like the sample panel.  Have to wait and see a few more days if we should send it back, could delay putting on the stone.

I put together the lighting plan and placement of all the outlets and have given them to the electrician, to ensure we have enough power for a music band, lights, camera and a lots of action!  My husband, Dan is insulating the walls and putting in the lighting receptacles on the west side. He also installed screen mesh for the stone veneer over the fireplace.  It doesn’t look like much progress in the photos I’ve been taking, however a lot of behind the scene stuff is getting accomplished daily.  Our last two windows are on back order and should be in any day now, so we can finish putting in the windows the front of the barn.  Will have to wait to put on the new siding until it warms up a bit, don’t want my husband to get frost bite and not be able to work….

Tomorrow I meet with a wedding planner to get her expertise on the layout and opinion of the space.  She’s been doing wedding events for 20 years and I am looking forward  to meeting her and learning from her experience.  If there is anything that I missed in the initial plan, now is the time to reconfigure or fix it.  Check back as I keep you informed….

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