Meyer House Murals

In 2001, Ohio Artist Terri Meyer left her artistic mark on the newly renovated 1882 Italianate home, breathing life and character into the ceilings, walls and floors by creating various murals. Her first ceiling mural was in the master bedroom sitting room of a sky and barn swallows. The second ceiling was the master bedroom of two windows which depict a blue sky from the adjacent room and another barn swallow, carrying out the theme. Many times in Ohio the skies are cloudy and grey. Now every morning the Meyers' have blue sky to look up to. The third ceiling was in the master bedroom bathroom. It was a gift to her husband, called the Allegory of Love. It depicts a heavenly woman playing a harp with two cherubs at her side assisting her in the melody. A book lays off to the side with roses and doves. The book inscription reads " It could only be you". Which was the Meyers wedding song. Adjacent on the other part of the ceiling are three cupids shooting arrows of love into the jacuzzi tub. The mural was inspired by 15th and 16th century artists Francois Boucher and Raphael.

The fourth ceiling was painted in the formal main floor office. The design was taken from a plate depicted in a magazine, and resembles a victorian pattern. The artist laid on her back and painted the intricate design with gold leaf paint and faux finished the rest of the design to match the walls.

A dumb waiter that was used to bring up canned goods from the basement remains in the dining room, however Artist Terri Meyer took the liberty and painted a wine cabinet with glasses on the old door. It still operates however it is now used for toiletries.

When the pond was dug on the property Terri had one request from her husband. To have a waterfall. Rather than wait to see if it would ever become a reality, she painted a window scene depicting a waterfall in the half bath.

In the sewing room, one wall was dedicated to an old maple tree that had to be destroyed to make room for the kitchen addition. Terri took seven leaves off the tree and created a leaf wall using paint and the leaves as a template. The results were beautiful.

The basement was converted to a home/office for her husband's masonry business. The walls were made to look like venetian plaster with a travertine marble floor and built in cabinets. As his business expanded they moved the office out of the house to the main gallery. The old office was then converted to a workout room, which Terri uses on a daily basis to stay in shape. In March 2016, they converted the property to a event space rental facility and moved to location more private in the country.

Ceiling Mural by Ohio Artist Terri Meyer
Allegory of Love
Cupid Ceiling Mural by Ohio Artist Terri Meyer
Cupids shooting arrows of love
Meyer House Ceiling Mural
Ceiling Mural in Master Bathroom
Victorian Ceiling by Ohio Artist Terri Meyer
Victorian Ceiling in Gold Leaf
Cow Door Mural by Ohio Artist Terri Meyer
Cow Door Mural
Cow Door Mural Backside by Ohio Artist Terri Meyer
Backside of Cow Door
Sky Mural with Barn Swallows by Ohio Artist Terri Meyer
Faux Finish Leaf Wall by Ohio Artist Terri Meyer
Faux Finish Leaf Wall
Tuscan Plaster Wall by Ohio Artist Terri Meyer
Tuscan Plaster Wall
Wine Cabinet Mural by Ohio Artist Terri Meyer
Wine Cabinet Mural
Faux Marble Welcome Rug by Ohio Artist Terri Meyer
Faux Marble Welcome Rug
Faux Marble Steps by Ohio Artist Terri Meyer
Faux Marble Steps
Meyer House Ceiling Mural by Ohio Artist Terri Meyer
Sky Mural in Conservatory