Painting Demonstrations

I have always enjoyed watching artists paint. This started when I was a small child around the age of 5 when I was introduced to painting by an elderly lady who live across the street. I would drop in and visit while she was painting and was intrigued by the process of creating an image in paint. As I became older, Public Broadcast Station would have painting with Bob Ross and I would record the program to paint along. We all start somewhere to become inspired, now you know the rest of the story…….

I hope you enjoy my  painting demonstrations. Thank you for taking the time to watch.

“Portrait’s in Perspective”

An exhibit of portraits by five local artists painting weekly in 2014.  Different styles, perspectives and levels of mastery.

Angel Earrings Demonstration by Terri Meyer

Plein Air Painting Videos (Outdoor Painting)

Portrait Painting Demo with Palette Knife

Vintage Episodes of Bob Ross! Bob was my first painting teacher via PBS Television¬† when I was in my early 20’s. His legend lives on….

Hope these painting demonstrations inspire your creativity!
Happy Creating!