Animal Paintings

 Animals Paintings

by Artist Terri Meyer

Animals make us feel loved and appreciated, allowing us to forget the drama in our daily lives, for at least a little while.  When one views a painting of a beloved pet, it brings up the feeling of unconditional love as well as fond memories.  That's why animal  paintings are so cherished by their owners.  Some of my favorite paintings are of my pets, because it brings up feelings of joy and love that I have for them long after they are gone.  Isn't that what art is about?  Evoking a good feeling...

If you love animals and puzzles, several of these Animal Paintings have been made into jigsaw puzzles and clocks!

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Cow Portrait I

Cow Portrait II

Cow Portrait III

Cow Portrait IV


Portrait of Dax

Horse Portrait II

Dos Equis

Horse Portrait I


At Play

In Motion

Relief From the Heat

Special Treasures

The Blue Heron

After a Swim

Reflecting Wisdom

Cardinal Mates