Decorative Paintings

 Decorative Paintings

& Fine Art Prints

by Ohio Artist Terri Meyer

Decorative paintings add a burst of color and excitement to a room. Much less formal than a representational painting.  Decorative paintings can also be theme driven, whimsical or just the right eye candy to make the room feel complete. Similar to a piece of jewelry with the right outfit. It completes the attire.

Check out our full collection of paintings , framed artwork, throw pillows or visit our  Vintage French Collection for more inspiration for the home. Also many of our decorative paintings have been made into Designer Wall Clocks which would be another great decorative touch in your home.

Shop our collection of Decorative Paintings by clicking on the painting for a larger view, print size options, pricing, framing options (watch my custom framing tutorial below) and purchasing details.

Cheap Red Wine
Firelands Chardonanny
Mon Ami Merlot
Decorative Paintings
Tuscan Landscape
Tuscan Landscape II
Portrait of a Pear
Still Life - Hydrangeas
Floral Paintings
A Secret Hideaway
In Motion
Wayne's Place
First Presbyterian Churh
Cardinal Mates
Lakeside Leisure
Road to Tranquility
Special Treasures
Morning Tranquility
Feeling Ducky
Mckay General Store
Nocturn - Mansfield, Ohio
Paris Cafe
The Guiding Lights of Ohio
The Forgotten Sweater
Song Bird Sanctuary