Portrait Painting From Models – Artist Group Invitation

Portrait Painting from Models – Artist Group Invitation

Want to learn to paint portraits from models? Sign up for our artist group! The experience will escalate your skills and confidence.

Starting Thursday, March 1, 2018, 10am to 1pm, the Creative Chateau is hosting space for artists interested in learning to paint from models on a weekly basis. There is no formal instruction as we  learn from each other. The cost is $10 each week, bring your own easel and supplies, plus a drop cloth for the floor. If you are interested in joining the Portrait Painting from Models – Artist Group contact me so I can ensure enough space for everyone. All levels welcome.

I am also looking for portrait models, all ages and face types for this time frame. The pay is $30 for 3 hours. If you know someone interested please have them contact me.

I am so excited to start up this group again. It’s been way too long! Look forward to your participation!


419.289.1081 Cell

Watch the video below to see what came out of our 2014 Portrait Sessions!